900s (Of Storytelling)

Blue Room Theatre 900s (of Storytelling) 2021

theatre making & 900s performance

In December 2020, we were selected from an application process to be part of The Blue Room Theatre’s Summer season and were programmed to do a 15 minute original theatre piece as part of 900 Seconds (of Storytelling) produced by Melanie Julien-Martial and mentored by Joe Morrison. Avareh آواره & Found by Asha Kiani with Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson, Elisha Rahimi & Raneen Kousari was performed in 5 sold out shows during the January 2021 season and received praises for the mix of high quality video art, live singing and theatrical story telling that shared insight in to the themes explored by The Second Generation Collective.